Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Pacha Valencia they give you new tits

The people of Pacha Valencia will provide a breast implant like gift to the lucky winner of a lottery to be held at the same nightclub the next 5th of December. This trick has been copied from various Argentine clubs that use this claim to attract client increasingly tired of dj Divos. This is not a cheap gift, because in Spain a breast implant may cost a minimum of 4,000 euros. The echo of this lottery has reached to all the Spanish media and already protesting voices have been raised. Many people is accusing the boss of Pacha Valencia of sexist and big unions have asked the local government to ban the lottery. The manager of Pacha Valencia has defend himself with some unfortunate statements claiming that most of their female clients have already silicone' breasts and that they will most likely have to repeat the draw several times until they find a woman with natural tits.
Is held or not the lottery, what is certain is that Pacha Valencia has obtained an unprecedented publicity. Recently Pacha Valencia has spent a lot of money to bring David Guetta, considered the best dj of the moment, to the city. This huge effort did not deserve a single line in the newspapers, even the local ones.

Pacha Valencia

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ibiza in the web

If you take a look to web sites devoted to Ibiza probably your eyes will catch some of them providing information about clubbing in this island. I promise you that's not an easy thing. There are many clubs and many parties and all the internet portals are fighting to have all the info as sooner and as much accurate as possible. The main difficulty for the administrators of clubbing portals of Ibiza is to know in advance what djs will participate in each party. In many cases the same clubs does not know for sure till few months before high season starts. While the parties schedule is more or less fixed the djs will play in each one is sometimes difficult to know. Some djs change their mind while some other increase their fee up to levels that break completely the budget. Last year the most astonishing late-minute break up was the absence of Pete Tong in the most important disco of the island. Pete Tong lead the Pure Pacha party during years, he made records within Pacha label and suddenly everything fade away. Quickly the party was replaced by another one, but this kind of things happen specially when the dj think is above the disco and even of his public.Why is so important to know in advance the dj list of the party? Currently clubbers look for their favourite disco and who plays tonight, but probably if their favourite dj plays tonight elsewhere, they would rather prefer to come to their second or third favourite disco before to go to their favo one. Visitors of discotheques are divided between faithful ones and dj's fans. If you make a mistake, if you announce a dj that later on does not come, you're in trouble. Everyday the in-advance tickets sale is getting more and more important. Travel agencies or the same web sites of discos - mostly using external companies - promote the in-advance sales tickets. Imagine what could happen if your ticket bought in May shows at the end a party or dj you do not like !If you have plan to come to Ibiza we highly recommend to consult the weather forecast and the parties available in the island that week, fortnight or whatever period you remain with us. After check the webs available of Ibiza we defenitely recommend go for a complete Ibiza web site. People from did very well during 2008 with a detailed list of clubs in Ibiza and their mistakes are too low to be considered important.